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This is the blog of Larcenous Designs, LLC, through which I (Nathan Rockwood) will be publishing thoughts and ramblings related to my business' projects, which may include anything related to games, game design, and the use of gaming in education. 

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The Portal Tarot: The Apprentice - On Kickstarter June 18-July 16th!

Nathan Rockwood

“All arcane applications of the Tarot are for entertainment purposes only, and Larcenous Designs, LLC cannot be held liable for demonic possession, apocalyptic prophecies, or little Timmy spider-walking across the ceiling after playing with these cards at a sleepover.”

The Portal Tarot: The Apprentice is an easy-to-use, story-inspiring deck of high-fantasy Tarot cards by Larcenous Designers, LLC, makers of the Platinum-level bestselling GameMaster’s Apprentice cards on DriveThruRPG. This deck will be on Kickstarter from June 18th-July 16th!

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