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My name is Nathan Rockwood, and this website is the public point of contact for my company, Larcenous Designs, LLC.

I've been writing and publishing games for more than a decade now, and since graduating with my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, I've been teaching English and Game Design. My publications include the award-winning Serenity RPG, the Cortex System Role Playing Game, and my own recent Kickstarter, The GameMaster's Apprentice. In my teaching, I both run a four-year series of Game Design classes for high school students and also integrate games into my English curriculum as examples of alternative media and interactive storytelling. More details on my publications and work can be found on my Linkedin profile

I love chatting about gaming, teaching, and the ways these fields can help each other grow, but I started this company to do more than talk about it. Larcenous Designs, LLC is dedicated to the design and creation of games, but also to the advancement of gaming as a field worthy of study--which is a topic I can't do justice to in a single blurb. Check the blog (or contact me directly) if you want to see what I'm up to! And while you're here, check out my Code of Conduct & Harassment Policy page, and keep it in mind when commenting.

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~Nathan Rockwood


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