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A Successful Heist: Five Years of Larcenous Designs!


This is the blog of Larcenous Designs, LLC, through which I (Nathan Rockwood) will be publishing thoughts and ramblings related to my business' projects, which may include anything related to games, game design, and the use of gaming in education. 

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A Successful Heist: Five Years of Larcenous Designs!

Nathan Rockwood

Today, shockingly enough, marks the fifth anniversary of the formal founding of Larcenous Designs, LLC. While the idea had been kicking around for years beforehand, this nonetheless feels worthy of celebrating!

And there’s a lot to celebrate beyond just the passage of time. This past year saw several projects move forward or achieve milestones in major ways:

The GameMaster’s Apprentice: Base Deck, my first independent publication, achieved the Platinum sales status on DriveThruRPG, which means it is within the top <1% of products on one of the (if not THE) most popular web stores for tabletop games in the world. With more than 35 ratings and an average of 4.9/5 stars, I feel more than a little surprised and gratified!

ALONe: A Solo Game Engine, my free narrative game, is actually ready to move out of beta! While I haven’t pushed an update on DriveThruRPG yet, I am finishing up the text of the final draft and am working out a deal with a graphic designer for layout. This is a labor-of-love, will-never-break-even sort of project, but because of the aforementioned success of the GMA decks, I can afford to splurge a little!

The Game Development program I teach has grown to the point where, within one or two years, I may have so many students that I won’t have time for any English classes! I love teaching English, but this Game Development pathway is a nearly-unique opportunity to engage some students who otherwise may not find a lot to love in high school. And, if the school takes it seriously enough, I hope I can begin pitching my elective course about treating games as literature!

And so, to actually celebrate these awesome things, I’m going to post (at least) once a week for the next month, covering topics like the history of Larcenous Designs, secret projects I’m currently working on, and literary analyses of games I want to teach! You can find these things here, and you can also follow me on Facebook on my new business page!

Thanks for a great five years!

And now, let’s keep moving forward!

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